Him: “Hello, we have a newsletter that goes to 50,000 businesses. Please will you write a guest article for us?”

Me: “OK.”

Him: “Thanks. That will be £3,000 please.”

Me: “Hang on a minute. I’m a writer – I usually get paid for what I write, not the other way round!”

Him: “But writing an article for us acts as advertising for you…”

Me: “Thanks, but no thanks.”

How things have changed since I was at journalism school all those years ago. These days, I contribute to Fresh Business Thinking, The Huffington Post, Birds on the Blog and others. Unpaid. But of all the marketing strategies I’ve tried recently, guest blogging has brought me the best results. It might work for you too.


Because instead of trying to build an audience of your own, you can expose yourself (ooer) to an existing audience that’s bigger than anything you could dream of. The other site gets unique content, and you benefit from the inbound link that helps your search engine ranking.

As well as approaching relevant blog sites direct (use Technorati or Google blogsearch to find them), there are various places you can upload content for sharing, including:

I’m not the only one that finds this approach effective. One of the companies I train for has 18 external blogs that they manage – all of them are optimised for different search terms and have the objective of demonstrating expertise and driving traffic to the main website.

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Jackie · February 26, 2018 at 12:57 pm

You’ll find more useful tips about guest blogging in this article on AuthorityHacker https://www.authorityhacker.com/guest-posting-tips/

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