Copywriting lessons from Aristotle


Aristotle (384 BC to 382 BC)

If you want your message to hit home, you could do worse than follow the lead of Aristotle.

Born nearly 2,400 years ago, the Greek philosopher recommended three principles of persuasion that still apply today:

  1. Logos: Logic and reason
  2. Pathos: Emotional appeal
  3. Ethos: Character and credibility

Every bit of marketing you create should follow these tried-and-tested rules. (more…)

So much wrong with this sign…

Welcome sign

On arrival at Beckenham Junction station, visitors see this sign. There’s so much wrong with it, I hardly know where to begin. Let’s unpick it, piece by painful piece.

At the top it’s headed ‘Infopoint’ and ‘Welcome to Beckenham’. So let’s assume its objective is to provide people with useful local information.

Below the heading is a giant ad for a Chinese Restaurant. In Bromley. Which is the neighbouring town. If the ad does its job and persuades you to go there, you will leave Beckenham immediately. I’m sure that’s not the intention. It is slightly worrying that they were unable to sell that ad space to a restaurant that’s actually in Beckenham.

Below that ad is a map of Beckenham. This might actually be useful, except it’s at knee-level and the road names are so tiny you would have to crawl on the ground to read it. It’s not fit for purpose.

Both sides of the sign are given over to advertising, which presumably funds it.

However, most of the ads are badly thought out too. For example: (more…)

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