Why the car you drive is so important

Marketing is *every* aspect of the customer experience.

Rightly or wrongly, your clients judge you on every aspect of your personal brand. That includes the job you do for them but also how you handle their phone calls, the ease of dealing with you, the look of your invoice, your personal appearance, and even which company car you choose.

MX5At one time, I had a lovely little Mazda MX5. It was such fun to drive, and filled my heart with joy every time I got near it. But other drivers loved to cut me up at junctions and race me at traffic lights, and I was aware that it was a bit too flashy for my clients. They thought: “Hmph, if she can afford to drive a sportscar like that, perhaps she charges too much money.”  One or two of them said something like: “It’s obvious where my money goes”.

For a short while, I was driving a borrowed beaten-up VW Fox. I hated it. I worried (more…)

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