If you do one thing on LinkedIn, do this.

LinkedIn allows you to write a two-line “professional headline” at the top of your profile. By default, it will show your latest job title and company name. What a missed opportunity! People can scroll down and see that information if they want it.

  • As with all marketing, LinkedIn marketing is about objectives. In order to decide how best to use it, you have to know why you are using it and what you are hoping to achieve.
  • As with all marketing, some people won’t read any more than the headline.
  • As with all marketing, the headline can account for up to 90% of success.


Mmm, chocolate

Let’s talk about anthropomorphism. Great word. It means attributing things with human characteristics. It’s also an increasingly common copywriting technique. Exhibit A. These chocolate bars are packaged with the friendly message: “Hello, I’m [Name], Nice to sweet you, Is it me you’re looking for”. This is an effective way of Read more…

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