Why ‘copy’ and ‘content’ are not the same


There is a gulf of difference between ‘content’ and ‘copy’

“Hello,” said the web designer. “I’d like you to quote for writing fortnightly blog posts for my clients”.

Oh good, I thought. Writing blog posts is one of my favourite things – especially because he wanted them written in a happy, engaging style.

We talked more about his clients and how I might be able to help. During the conversation, he confessed he had been paying students to write the blog posts until now.

“But they’re not very good,” he said.


World’s most tedious exhibition?

ChampagneI’ve just returned from possibly the world’s most tedious exhibition. If you are ever tempted to book an exhibition stand, take a lesson from this article…

At the welcome desk, I was given a sticky name badge. One of those that doesn’t stick.

Top tip: Invest in decent name badges. Lanyards or magnetic badges are best as they don’t damage clothes. Ensure there is somewhere obvious for people to return their badges when they leave.

In the exhibition hall were about 30 stands, of which about 1/3 were unattended. People do business with people, so when there was no-one there, I didn’t bother to look at their display.

Top tip: Ensure you have at least two people on your stand so there is always someone there to talk to.

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