10 ways to make your business card work harder for you

Your business card is a miniature representation of you and your brand. As well as including your logo, name, house fonts and colours, it has quite a tough job to do for a small piece of paper.

  1. Remember what your business card is for. Usually, you hand it to someone when you meet them, hoping they will contact you in future. So, the objective is to encourage someone to remember you and make it easy for them to get in touch. The other objective might be to drive traffic to your website where they can find out more.
  2. If YOU are what you sell, then it’s wise to include a photo of yourself. If someone comes away from the meeting with a handful of cards, it helps them to remember who you are.
  3. Given that you want people to contact you, make sure your contact details are easy to read. This means good colour contrast, good choice of font, and good point size. (more…)

Yoof speak

Hip and groovy definitions used by today’s young generation, apparently. Positive words Epic = awesome/amazing YOLO = You Only Live Once Bro = guy’s best buddy Like a boss = well achieved Dece = decent Cushti/Kooshty = decent Naughty = good Savage = good A touch = something is good/positive Read more…

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