SEO made simple (part 2): How SEO impacts the copy on your site

Firstly, it’s important to use customer language. For example, I heard that the DVLA used to talk about the ‘vehicle excise duty’ on their website. Then they realised the rest of us call it the ‘car tax disc’ and had to rewrite their web copy to match.

To find out what language your customers use, use the Google AdWords keyword tool. It’s free!

You have to wait a moment while it loads. Then you can type in the search term/s of your choice along with the CAPTCHA code to prove you’re a human being not a robot. Google will return a list of suggested keywords, each showing how many times it’s searched per month and how high (or low) the competition is. (more…)

How to write headlines, subject lines and tweets that get clicked

Looking for inspiration for your next ezine, blog post or tweet? Then take a tip from Cosmopolitan magazine, which is inhabited by some of the world’s best headline writers. Just adapt their words to suit your own product or service, and watch your click-throughs soar!

To give you some idea, here are today’s Cosmo headlines in bold, with my suggested tweaks in italic, for various occupations:

1. Health news you need to know now

Accountant: Tax news you need to know now

Plumber: Plumbing news you need to know now

Coach: Leadership news you need to know now 

2. Pretty hairstyles to try this party season

Graphic designer: Lovely logos to suit the autumn

Insurance: Effective ways to protect your business during an economic slowdown

Retailer: Perfect gifts for that hard-to-buy-for person at Christmas

3. Why online dating may be harder than you think

Mechanic: Why an annual car service may be harder than you think

Event organiser: Why arranging your wedding may be harder than you think

IFA: Why choosing the right mortgage may be harder than you think


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