Copywriting for case studies

We were asked to write web copy for a recruitment agency in Europe. To reinforce the claims made in the main website, we interviewed some of their clients and some of their candidates to find out why they chose the agency and the results they achieved. The resulting case studies form a key part of the new website.

People judge you more by what other people say about you than anything you say yourself. They’re cynical. They know your marketing copy is going to claim that you’re brilliant.

If you sell products you need star ratings and reviews. If you sell services you need testimonials. And, if you sell yourself (as an expert in something), you need recommendations (probably on LinkedIn).

It can be lovely to receive testimonials from happy clients saying: “You were great, thank you”. It gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. But that kind of testimonial doesn’t help you win more business, so they don’t work as part of your marketing.

What you need is a testimonial that tells a story.

  • Background/problem. What was the situation before you got involved?
  • Solution. What did you actually do?
  • Results. What changed thanks to your intervention? (People buy results.)
  • Perhaps something in their own words about how lovely you are to deal with.
  • Accreditation. That means using a real name and job title. Ideally, on video if possible.

It’s not always easy for you to collect this information yourself, because your clients assume you already know the whole story. And clients are often too busy to write it themselves.

How we help

We interview your clients for you, asking the right questions to extract comments that we can turn into a compelling testimonial. We then email them the draft to obtain their approval before publishing their feedback anywhere.

This service also acts as useful market research, because your clients might tell us something about your business that you didn’t know. For example, you might imagine they chose you because of price, but we find out it’s actually because you’re so friendly.

We use your client comments to inspire the rest of the copy we write. Because reflecting the words they use to describe you will help attract more clients of the same type.

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