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Little Johnny was obsessed with Dyson vacuum cleaners, so he invited Sir James Dyson to Science Week at his school. He didn’t get a reply, so I blogged about it for the school (saying that Sir James would be very welcome), then tweeted the Dyson account as me, saying “Have you seen this?” with a link to the blog post. They tweeted me back to thank me, and sent little Johnny a pack of Dyson bits along with an apology that Sir James couldn’t attend. I then blogged about their generosity for the school. It was win:win:win for Dyson, the school, and little Johnny.

Too busy to blog?

You might have heard that it’s important to have a blog. It’s true. A blog can help your site get found on search (because ‘fresh content’ is one of the key things that Google looks for). It also demonstrates your expertise and helps increase customer engagement.

But where in the world do you find the time to run your business AND set up a blog AND keep it up to date?

How about this for a plan…

We’ll schedule a monthly phone call to discuss the content. We’ll write regular blog posts for you, sourcing copyright-free images if required. We’ll send them to you in Word format for approval. If you provide your login details, we’ll even upload the blog posts and images for you.

The objective of your blog is to add value, demonstrate expertise, grow your reach, be shareable, and drive traffic to your site.

As copywriters, we never run out of ideas for blog content that suits your business. We can research and write short articles or longer thought-leadership pieces that are keyword-rich for search engines and interesting for human beings. What’s more, we can recycle the content by sending a monthly newsletter that links back to the blog and drives even more visitors to your website where you can convert them into customers.

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