We’ve written copy for hundreds of websites – these are just a few examples. We wrote most (or all) of the copy, and often gave our input into the design. Jackie will be happy to talk through the story behind each example shown, if you’re interested. Please note that links open in a new window.


We wrote new copy for the VA section of this site. As a result, pre-sales enquiries have dropped by 2/3, and average order value has almost doubled.

We’ve also written brochures and other copy to promote KoffeeKlatch.

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Noted in Style

Noted in Style

We conducted a full copy audit and devised a new tone of voice approach for this bespoke stationery supplier. we also wrote much of the copy for the website.

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Aisha Subhani

Aisha Subhani

My team of copywriters each have niche expertise. For example, Lucy specialises in interiors and property. Between us, we wrote most of the web copy for London interior designer, Aisha Subhani. We also interviewed some of her clients to write testimonials.

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I wrote much (but not all) of the copy for Websters’ new site. The objectives were: to reflect their current service offering, to abbreviate and simplify the content, and to have a more consistent tone of voice. The new site helps visitors navigate quickly to find the information they need.

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Fenix HRFenix HR

When this recruitment firm based in Serbia had their site redesigned, they asked me to write the copy. They wanted it written by a native English speaker to pull out their core messages, flow, and appeal to an international audience. I also devised a new slogan based on their ‘eye’ logo, and Alex W (one of my team) interviewed their clients and candidates to write case studies.

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NLBRNLB Recruitment

Nathan Benham asked me to write the copy for his new website, to bring the content up to date and ‘sell’ the benefits of NLBR services to candidates and clients. The site was designed by Darren Revell.

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LopataAndy Lopata

Author, professional speaker and networking strategist, Andy Lopata, asked me to help with the copy for his new website designed by Rubber Cheese. As a world-class networker, Andy probably knows dozens of copywriters, so it was an honour to be entrusted with this project.

Here’s what he said

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HuntleyHuntley Legal

I’ve been writing fortnightly blog posts and monthly newsletters for Marie Huntley for three years. Now, she’s asked me to help improve conversions by editing some of the landing pages where her PPC campaign drives traffic. For example, I’ve rewritten the top-level commercial law page as well as some of the other pages.

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Els BarbershopEl’s Barbershop

I was asked to write the ‘about’ page for El’s Barbershop, to explain what makes them different and to include the company’s ‘why’ inspired by Simon Sinek. The resulting copy follows the short, sharp, snappy style that works best when people read online, especially on a small screen.

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Aboodi ShabiAboodi Shabi

Aboodi Shabi is an executive coach and trainer who uses an unusually deep approach. He asked me to write the copy for his new website, to attract enquiries from potential clients and help filter out anyone who wouldn’t be a good fit.

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TJRThe Jewellery Register

Imagine your hobby is metal-detecting. Then imagine you find a valuable ring. You want to return it to its owner but it’s not engraved so there’s no way to do so.

Now imagine you have the idea for a website where people can register their jewellery so it can be returned to them easily if lost. My client was that detectorist, and this is that website. (I wrote the copy for it.)

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Connecting BusinessConnecting Business

Despite a lot of work on brand positioning, the client’s previous website didn’t generate any enquiries. I was approached to clarify their core message and edit the copy on the website, then to write an email sequence and design a PowerPoint pitch. I’ve also been asked to provide advice so they can write compelling blog content.

It’s another project where I was particularly pleased with the new strapline, because it sums up the service offering and differentiates them while making sense with their business name.

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MGI LearningMGI Learning

The Mary Gober website needed updating to reflect their new brand position, and I was asked to write the copy for the homepage. I’m particularly pleased they chose the heading shown, as it sums up what they offer and what makes them different in a few snappy words.

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‘Flitting’ is what they call it in Scotland when you move house. This new service does all the admin for elderly people in Edinburgh when they downsize (also known as “last-time buyers”). I wrote the copy, and DesignJD designed and developed the site.

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One of my favourite designers is Jon Docksey at Design JD, because we have the same approach to simplifying the look, feel and tone of voice of any communication piece. I wrote the copy for their new website which incorporates both the branding and wayfaring aspects of their work. I’m proud to be included on the Team page as their preferred copywriter (although I’m not sure about the colour of my T-shirt).

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I used to work with Simon Baylis at Freemans, over two decades ago. He’s now moved from being a full-time IIP assessor to become an independent consultant, and invited me to write most of the copy for his new site. I also created the sitemap. Simon wrote the workshop pages,  testimonials, resources and blog.

The design is based on a WordPress theme I suggested called Axle, and was developed by John Fryatt.

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Sphere EntertainmentsSphere Entertainments

I wrote most of the text describing the products and services of yet another wedding DJ for his new site. Thanks to referrals, this has become one of my most popular niches. Each site is different, because each DJ is different.

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Flain ResourcingFlain Resourcing

Matt Flain is a recruiter specialising in the construction industry. He recently launched his own business under his own brand name. Matt’s reputation precedes him, and he wanted a simple website to demonstrate credibility. I wrote the the copy. Design and development was by Dean Hassan at Concept.

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Evolution FPEvolution Financial Planning

I wrote the copy for the Home page (except the sliders) and the About page of this site as part of a rebrand from the former business name, which was Evolution for Women.

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Expert AttorneyExpert Attorney

Archana Jain helps solicitors, individuals and charities sort out probate. I wrote some (but not all) the copy for her new website.

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David Law JewellerDavid Law Jeweller

I was asked to edit the copy and simplify the structure of this website for a bespoke jewellery designer. The objective is to increase conversions / generate more leads.

Stage two of the project is to update the copy on pages that don’t appear on the main navigation.

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DJ ChrisDJ Chris Anthony

London DJ, Chris Anthony, provides first-class entertainment for weddings and corporate events. I wrote the copy, and influenced how it appears on the design.

The site was designed by EasyWeddings.

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Watson SoleWatson & Sole

W&S produce building information for contractors, architects, property developers and property owners. Their old website was too technical and ‘top down’. I wrote new copy to make their message more compelling, and restructured the site to make it simpler to navigate. The site was designed and developed by the team at Design JD.

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Cajero provide cutting tools and solve machining challenges for the composite and aerospace industry. I spent a day with the team and another external consultant, helping to create a brand proposition that would differentiate them. We eventually settled on “Your challenge, accepted.” I then edited the web copy and worked with my graphic design associates to produce a magazine ad. The partnership continues, as we work to refine other aspects of the company’s marketing.

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Vicky AndrewVicky Andrew

Vicky Andrew is The Accountant Adviser. She’s both an accountant who gives advice to businesses and a business adviser to accountants (so the egoic label / job title works more than one level). Most clients just want copy written in Plain English, but Vicky allowed me to imbue it with her personality. As a result, the copy is my current favourite out of all the sites I’ve ever written.

Logo and web design is by FactorEStudio.

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Chris Southam is an executive coach, observer and poet. She wanted a simple, highly visual site that incorporated her various activities on one page. OK, so it ended up as more than one page. But I found a WordPress theme that met her requirements, and wrote the copy for her. All the images are her own, or free and copyright-free.

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SuezSUEZ recycling & recovery UK

Most of the SUEZ UK comms team are former journalists who wanted to improve their copywriting skills. I therefore ran two bespoke training courses at their Maidenhead head office. Subsequently, I was asked to write a newsletter and brochure for them.

I also edited the copy on the new corporate website that had been translated from French, as well as writing copy for four subsidiary websites.

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SummitSummit Law LLP

This firm of solicitors was told that, in order to make their Adwords campaign work, they need to improve their landing pages. They also wanted to target different audiences. I edited their web copy and restructured the navigation so the site now works from the potential clients’ point of view. Now, when people click an ad, they find what they’re looking for.

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Tony WinyardTony Winyard

Tony Winyard was awarded UK wedding DJ of the year 2016, is an accomplished wedding MC, and recently qualified as a wedding celebrant. His old website was “too wordy”, so I edited the copy to make it more succinct and compelling.

The site was designed by Easy Weddings.

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The new logo and website for Numeritas was designed by Lionique, after conducting an in-depth strategic plan. I helped by editing their copy to fit the new brand values, including web copy, team biographies, case studies, brochure and proposal document.

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nathalie mcgloin afterNathalie McGloin Racing

Nathalie is the only female with a Spinal Cord Injury who races Porsches against able-bodied men. She is also growing her professional speaking career.

She was referred to me to update the content and design of her website, switching from Wix to WordPress, with various plugins to add the desired functionality. The new look and feel is as colourful as her car livery and as inspirational as her story.

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wickham studi afterWickham Studio

This local hairdresser wanted to update the design and content of her website. To highlight the range of services she offers, I wrote new copy and chose a WordPress.com theme that was modern and elegant.

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48 hours after launch, this gratifying message arrived:

“I wanted to tell you I had two contacts from potential clients yesterday evening. I can only put it down to our fabulous new website. I don’t want to disturb your Sunday but wanted to say a great big THANK YOU.”


This recruitment agency in Leeds underwent a complete rebrand. I wrote and helped structure the new website in line with their core values. It was designed by Volcanic.

Mitch Sullivan and I also trained a couple of their team how to write compelling recruitment ads.

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Martin CourtMartin Court Coaching

Martin Court wanted a website to give credibility to potential coaching clients. He gets all his business via word of mouth, so wasn’t worried about it being found on search engines. Unlike most coaching websites, we’re not trying to sell the idea of coaching, but of exclusive coaching with Martin.

The one-page site was written by me and designed by Monkeyplay.

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Alderley PilatesAlderley Pilates

This high-end Pilates studio had invested in fabulous photography and a beautiful new site design, but it wasn’t generating enough enquiries so they briefed me to write new copy.

Just a few days after the new copy was uploaded, the client told me: “In terms of the website copy it is interesting that it is already making a difference and enquirers have referred to elements in it.”

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KauriKauri Solutions

I edited the copy for the top-level pages of this consultancy website, because the client wanted the text to be as professional as the service he offers.

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Globe IFAGlobe IFA

I edited the copy for this IFA website, to make sure it was from the point of view of the reader.

The site was designed and built by Yellowdot.

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Brush Strokes afterBrush Strokes

Kris Jamroz invited me to write his main site and four micro-sites to promote his residential and commercial painting and decorating business. I wrote most (but not all) of the text.

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Andy Barrow afterAndy Barrow

Andy Barrow is a triple paralympian turned professional speaker. I wrote the text, restructured the site, and project managed the design and build along with Design JD.

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DG Law afterDG Law

DG Law is a boutique London solicitor. I rewrote and restructured the site so the visitor journey is different for individuals and businesses.

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Emily afterDr Emily Grossman

Emily is a science broadcaster and teacher. She needed her site updated urgently, prior to an appearance in the national press.

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Edgcumbes afterEdgcumbes

Edgcumbes used to supply coffee and tea just to trade customers. Now, they supply direct to the public as well, and have a roastery and shop near Arundel. I changed the tone of voice accordingly, and wrote the copy for their new website.

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Tucana afterTucana

As well as the copy for this site, I write regular blog posts for Tucana, and compile them into a monthly newsletter that adds value for their clients.

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Topiary GardenTopiary Garden

I wrote the home page, plus details of delivery, returns and so on. In fact, most of the links in the bottom left corner. I didn’t write the product pages.

In case you didn’t know, I love writing for retail clients (it takes me back to my roots as a catalogue copywriter).

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Dash the TrashDash the Trash

I wrote the copy for this simple site created by Design JD.

Jon is particularly great at logo design, graphic design and wayfinding (navigation and signage).

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