Easter eggs

Can you find the Easter eggs?

Easter is nearly upon us, with the chance to celebrate Christ’s resurrection (if that’s what you do), meet with family and friends (if that’s what you do), and eat lots of chocolate Easter eggs (if that’s what you do). You might be marking something around now, such as Holi, Nowruz, Purim or Ramadan.

Whatever you do, there’s another type of Easter egg you might enjoy.

This version of an Easter egg is a message or image, usually hidden in software, video games and films. They are designed to make you feel good about finding them.

Easter eggs in software

In 1967/8, William F Weiher added a hidden message which was later used in the TOPS-10 operating system. The ‘make’ command is used to create a file. If the file argument is ‘love’, the command reads ‘make love’ and the OS responds ‘not war’ before creating the file.

Easter eggs in films

One of my favourite films is the 1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show. Apparently, the cast did a real Easter egg hunt on set. If you look carefully, three leftover chocolate eggs can be seen: under Dr. Frank N. Furter’s throne, on top of a lamp in the main hall, and near the lab elevator. Some say that’s the origin of the double meaning of the words.

Easter eggs in video games

In 1980, when Warren Robinett programmed the Adventure game for Atari, developers didn’t get a public credit. So he hid his name behind a specific pixel (which became known as ‘the grey dot’) for players to find.


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