12 trends in websites

websitesIs your website on trend, or even ahead of the curve? Find out by reading my list of 12 current trends in websites.

1. Content management system (CMS)

A CMS website is one that you can login and update yourself. Most CMS sites include a blog because Google likes fresh content – and so do human beings.

The most common CMS system is WordPress. Almost 20% of the world’s websites are now built using it (mine is). There are two flavours of WordPress – confusingly, both have the same name. Both are free.

WordPress.com is the simplest option. Hosted by WordPress, there are a limited number of themes (templates) you can choose. You can usually customise your theme slightly, but you can’t get at the code to edit it and make your site look exactly how you want. Dot com is great for starter sites.

WordPress.org is the all-singing, all-dancing option. There are an almost infinite number of themes to choose from, as well as masses of plug-ins to add functionality – some are free, some are paid. You download the software, provide your own hosting, and do your own backups and updates (one downside of being popular is that WordPress is often hacked). Dot org is great for professional sites but does need a bit more techie knowledge.


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