SEO made simple (part 1): The basics

According to research by Pew Internet and the American Life Project, 90% of web interactions start with search. Your customers are looking for what you offer, right now, and you want your website to be found.

Remember, we’re all customers too. Imagine you’ve just searched a particular keyword or phrase, and you’re looking at a page of Google results. At the top may be a tint box containing sponsored ads (those companies have paid to appear there). On the right is a column of pay-per-click Adwords (those companies have set a budget to appear there, and it costs them money every time their ad is clicked. When the budget runs out, their ad disappears and someone else’s is shown.) The main part of the page comprises the organic listings, also known as the natural or free listings. These are the results that Google thinks match your search, ranked in priority order, displayed at absolutely no cost.


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