7 ways to get more newsletter subscribers


Image courtesy of Mike Flanagan at flantoons.co.uk

Although e-newsletters may be past their peak, they are still a great way of keeping in touch, reminding people you exist and are thinking of them, and getting clickthroughs to your website or blog.

With that in mind, we all want to get more newsletter subscribers. Here are seven ways you might not have thought of:

1. Don’t call it a ‘newsletter’

Hardly anyone signs up for newsletters any more. Our inboxes are overloaded and we’re all too busy to read the newsletters we’ve already subscribed to. What’s more, your (more…)

Using words to sell

tomatoMy family has a tradition of eating out on the first day back from holiday. It used to be fish and chips in a steaming hot newspaper cone. Now it’s more likely to be Pizza Express.

I’m not fussy about much but I am fussy about tomato. I just don’t like it (raw is OK, but I can barely abide being in the same room as the cooked stuff – yuk!)

So you might wonder what I was doing in a Pizza Express.


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