This genuine piece of text was sent to me today. I particularly love the irony of the penultimate sentence.

If you have any idea what it means, please submit your translation in the comments – thank you.

I absolutely agree that that’s so, today. I would put forward the hypothesis that organisational and social futures are contested opinions which are dynamically validated by authority and consensus as much as by fact. But that even then, the outlying dissident opinions retain value as creative grit in our social future. I think we need to acquire the skill-sets in facilitation, decision-flow and co-venturing to instantiate these possible futures and test them against emergent needs. Not just waffle. I have in mind something like a set of think-tank-do-tank service portfolio that enable a much more chaordic social future that explores more possible realities…

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CJ Sohal · August 31, 2016 at 3:58 pm

So basically… We decide what the future holds for business and society based on people’s opinions, not just facts…[waffle]… We need to get better at making decisions to create a better future…[don’t waffle]…I’m thinking of starting up a mastermind.

That made me giggle! Penultimate sentence indeed 🙂

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