A day in the life of a copywriter

Friday 23 March

Log on and check my bank account to see whether anyone has paid me overnight. No. Hmph.

Check my emails.

Some spam (filtered into a separate folder), some newsletters, some invitations to networking events, and a money-off pizza offer.

Drive to West Wickham to run a 1-hour one-to-one blogging workshop. The client is excited about the possibilities this gives to promote her business. It’s fun and there’s lots of information to share, so I stay a bit longer.

Get back to find the post has arrived. Hoorah, it contains a cheque for an overdue payment! Yes, some clients do still pay by cheque. Not many, but some.

Tweak the copy I wrote yesterday. Four articles, about 1,800 words. Three of them flowed quite nicely straightaway; I’m struggling a bit with the fourth. Do a bit of Internet research and finally wrestle it into a shape I’m satisfied with. Email the draft copy to the client. He instantly replies, asking me to send my invoice. I like this client!

Check my emails, Twitter and Facebook.

Hold a 45-minute phone conversation with someone who might want me to (more…)

Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat

There’s a whisper down the line at 11.39
When the Night Mail’s ready to depart,
Saying ‘Skimble where is Skimble has he gone to hunt the thimble?
We must find him or the train can’t start.’

All the guards and all the porters and the stationmaster’s daughters
They are searching high and low,
Saying ‘Skimble where is Skimble for unless he’s very nimble
Then the Night Mail just can’t go.’

At 11.42 then the signal’s nearly due
And the passengers are frantic to a man —
Then Skimble will appear and he’ll saunter to the rear:
He’s been busy in the luggage van!

He gives one flash of his glass-green eyes
And the signal goes ‘All Clear!’
And we’re off at last for the northern part
Of the Northern Hemisphere!


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