What not to do on your website

Nexus 7“I’m redoing my website,” the caller said. “I’ll probably make it scrollable.”

Do you know what he means by that?

It’s a site designed primarily to be viewed on a tablet or mobile device. It’s usually has a header image, then alternating panels of colour or white that scroll down and down and down.

One of the most common mistakes with scrollable sites is that there is no graphic indicating to users what they should do.

Just as more people cut out a coupon when there is a graphic of scissors along the dotted line with an instruction to ‘cut here’, more people scroll down when there is a down-pointing arrow, with or without a matching instruction.

I wondered whether I ought to make my site scrollable too, so I looked at my Analytics. I found that 95% of my site visitors view it from a desktop device. As that’s the case, I think I’ll leave it as it is. Those scrolling designs are less effective on a desktop or laptop computer.

By contrast, one of my clients gets 58% of traffic from users on mobiles. His is a B2C business, so for him it’s essential that his site is mobile-friendly.

Mine might not be scrollable, but my site IS responsive. The layout and navigation are automatically reconfigured when viewed on a small screen.

What percentage of visitors view your site on a mobile device? Do you need to rethink the format?

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