Even Amazon get it wrong sometimes

As you probably know, reviews, recommendations and testimonials are a really important part of your marketing.

Customer feedback surveys are a good way to collect these. They are also useful to let you know how your service is perceived and what, if anything, you need to change.

The big brands know this too.

Like me, you probably get followup emails from them asking what you think.

Getting it wrong

Here’s what Amazon sent after I did some of my Christmas shopping there…


Digital marketing case study: Personal trainer


chrisrichardspt.com after most of the changes were made

Back in October, I received an email from personal trainer, Chris Richards, who wanted to talk to me about writing some blog posts for his website.

During our initial conversation, I asked the objective of the blog posts. He said:

  • Be found on search to drive traffic to his website
  • Grow his mailing list
  • Sell online personal training

However, when I looked at his website, I could see it didn’t do him justice. The copy was too long, too ‘top down’, and being centred on a black background made it hard to read. Writing new blog posts without improving the site would be a waste of my time and his money.

So we agreed a three-month programme of marketing consultancy to be implemented alongside the blog posts.

Here’s what happened… (more…)

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