As you probably know, reviews, recommendations and testimonials are a really important part of your marketing.

Customer feedback surveys are a good way to collect these. They are also useful to let you know how your service is perceived and what, if anything, you need to change.

The big brands know this too.

Like me, you probably get followup emails from them asking what you think.

Getting it wrong

Here’s what Amazon sent after I did some of my Christmas shopping there…


Question. What’s in it for me? Why should I help improve Amazon’s packaging? It’s bad enough that I get asked to rate every product never mind what it’s packed in too!

Nevertheless, I clicked the button (because I’m good like that). Here’s what I saw…

Amazon 2

I answered the three main multiple choice questions – but underneath was a separate question for every item I’d ordered. I ignored those because they were presents. I don’t plan to open them just to tell Amazon about how well (or badly) they’re packaged.

Getting it right

Contrast that with the followup email I received after an online chat I had with ClearBooks (my current online bookkeeping service)…


Look how lovely and simple that is? All I had to do was click one ‘traffic light’ button. It took less than a second.

What this means for you…

  • Collecting feedback is A Good Thing but you have to make it easy for people to give it to you
  • Big, bright, visual buttons get more clicks than text links
  • Make your process as simple as possible – please

P.S. I recently wrote a followup email for one of my retail clients in order to collect more feedback. Ask me if you’d like my help with yours.

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