While I’m ranting about brochures…

Just half a double-page spread about wheels

Just half a double-page spread about wheels

I’ve recently changed my company car, and I spent a few weeks shopping around to choose a new one.

All the car companies give you glossy brochures. But the ones I saw are ‘top down’ not ‘bottom up’ – they don’t consider the customer journey. (Yes, I did pick that word deliberately.)

Everyone has their own car-buying criteria, but you probably start off with a rough idea of the car you want by size, budget and maybe features such as number of doors or seats.

For me, it’s about the look of the car first, and the ‘feel’ of the car second. For some people it will be the other way round, or maybe it’s the sound of the car that’s more important to them. (more…)

How badly written is Facebook’s update about their new T&Cs?

Facebook T and Cs updateDid you see this Data Policy Notice when you last logged into Facebook? I read it, and cringed because it’s so badly written. I’ve had a go at rewording some of the worst bits. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Thank you.

Headline before

Updating Our Terms and Policies: Helping You Understand How Facebook Works and How to Control Your Information

Too long. Too dull. Even though it uses the words You and Your more than Our, the tone of voice is too ‘top down’. Doesn’t accurately reflect the content of the update. Uses Camel Case (Initial Capitals) That Some People Find Harder to Read.

Headline after

New T&Cs from 1 Jan: Learn how to control your privacy settings, choose which (if any) ads you see, and get the best experience of Facebook. (more…)

Why you don’t need that glossy brochure you’ve always dreamed of

StarfishJust because everyone else in your sector gives out a glossy brochure to prospective customers, doesn’t mean you should do the same. In fact, it’s a good reason why not.

You’ve heard about USPs, you’ve heard about ‘being different’, you’ve heard about standing out from the competition…so why even think of doing exactly what the others do?

Some thinking points for you:

  • What have you done with every brochure you’ve ever been given? I bet it’s been put away somewhere safe, and never looked at again, or maybe even filed straight in the recycling bin.
  • Print, paper and postage cost money. Yet times change fast. Almost as soon as something is printed, it goes out of date, so you’re left with a useless brochure and wasted stock. Or you hurriedly pay more money to print stickers that correct your beautiful brochure, yet your prospect is left with an unfavourable impression of your professionalism.

Are you convinced yet?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you dangling. I do have an alternative for you to consider.

Newsletters. (more…)

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