question markSocial media hit the mainstream in early 2009, so the phenomenon is nearly 6 years old. Time to come of age, perhaps?

In the beginning, businesses mainly used social media for broadcasting messages. They soon learned that they get better results from engagement, not just broadcast. These days, businesses that are using social media most creatively and effectively have integrated it as just one part of their overall marketing campaign.

Some people feel social media is a complete waste of time. I would argue that it has four main objectives:

  • To grow your network of friends, fans and followers, and therefore spread your message more widely
  • To drive clickthroughs from your social media platforms to your main website where you do your selling
  • To embed updates within your website and so provide freshness from an SEO perspective
  • To add sharing buttons to your website so other social media users can link to your content

What do you think?

photo credit: ChristophLacroix via photopin cc

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Debby · December 30, 2014 at 9:47 am

Yes Jackie, i agree that it is stilll worth it. Just! But I think that we have to take long hard look at exactly where to concentrate our efforts based on the depth of our pockets and whether you have time to spend on creating eye-catching content. Unless you have a marketing department and budget the multi-platform.approach of old has suely gone.

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