Back in June, Google launched its own social networking platform. It looks as though it might have a major impact on the social media landscape. In fact, Facebook has already changed the way it handles friend lists in response to the popular ‘circles’ feature on Google+.

So far, G+ is only open to individuals. I quickly claimed my username, but I can’t yet decide why I should connect with all the same people there that I’m already connected with elsewhere, and what my content strategy might be, given that I already tailor my updates for the different audiences on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Google+ opens its doors to businesses too.

Meanwhile, you have probably seen their +1 button appearing all over the Internet. When you are logged in and do a search on Google, it returns different results based on what you and your network have +1ed. This could have a major impact on search engine optimisation in future. So, if you want to be found, it’s even more important to have shareable content on your website and/or blog so that people can +1 it.

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