I’ve recently had a nightmare with Microsoft. I pay a monthly subscription to use their cloud-based Office for Mac software, but the system suddenly withdrew my access, claiming that my username and password were wrong.

They weren’t.

I Googled for solutions. Microsoft websites are horrible to navigate but eventually I found and read the knowledgebase. I contacted support. I had instant chat conversations that led nowhere. I phoned helplines but got lost in the hell of “press number this for that”. I tweeted them in despair but got no acknowledgement.

Five days later, my Mac prompted me to download an Office update. This solved the problem but left me with the impression that Microsoft just don’t care about customer service.

On the other hand, Apple products just work. Their website is clean and clear and their people are human.

That’s why customers like me are happy to pay more for essentially the same thing.

This ad captures the difference.


Top tip: People buy on emotion (Apple understands that). What emotion do people feel about you, your product or your service? And how can you use that in your marketing?

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Jackie · September 14, 2014 at 4:41 pm

After sharing this post via my tipsheet, I received this message:

“I echo your thoughts about Microsoft and Mac. I bought a PC because it was much cheaper than a Mac but after a year or so it was unusable. If it was not for a friend who knows about computers (he edited a computer magazine) I would have been left totally helpless with all my precious databases inaccessible.

I bought a Mac and I’ve never looked back. Even when the warranty ran out they still helped me. I can’t recommend them enough.”

John Chandler

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