Last week, I took my car for a service at WJ King in Bromley. As always, the staff on the phone and in person treated me exceptionally well. But what really amazed me was this experience:
When I dropped off the car
“There’s been a product recall on your car.”
“What about?”
“The little hooky thing* that is the catch release for the bonnet. We’ll replace it for you as part of the service. No charge.”
“Oh, OK.”
When I collected the car
“We’ve serviced your car, and replaced the little hooky thing. And, as an apology for the product recall, we’ve also given you a free pack of car polish and conditioner.”
Seat car cleaner on the seat of my Seat.


That level of customer care is a lesson for all of us.

*I may not have remembered the exact wording here.

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