Client: “We regularly post images and video as you recommend, and have accumulated some ‘likes’, but how can we make our Facebook page work harder for us?”

Me: “It seems you are posting great updates but you are missing the chance to include a call to action.”

Client: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Well, most people who ‘like’ a Facebook page never go back there. If you are lucky, they will see your update in their newsfeed, but only if you happen to post it at the right time of day when they are online.”

Client: “So what should we do then?”

Me: “The main point of a Facebook update is to get people to click ‘like’, ‘comment’ or ‘share’, because then it doesn’t just appear in their own newsfeed, but in the newsfeeds of their friends as well. That means more people become aware of your brand, more people click through to ‘like’ your page, and more people receive your updates in future.”

Client: “Can you give us some ideas about how to make people do that?”

Me: “Of course!”

Call me on 0845 899 0258 for some ideas about creative calls-to-action for your Facebook Page posts.

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