I couldn’t help noticing the new Smirnoff vodka ad. I reproduce the script here, with their words in bold.

Triple distilled


For a purer vodka


Because we believe that a purer vodka is a better vodka

Let’s unpick the script a bit more.


Because the word ‘because’ leads on to give you a reason to buy (giving a reason prompts customers to take action, so the word ‘because’ is extremely powerful!)

Because ‘we believe’ are weasel words. Who cares what they believe? I believe they are trying to sell something to us! It still sounds convincing though.

Because ‘purer’ and ‘better’ are also meaningless, but persuasive, words. Purer than what? Better than what?

This short script is a masterclass in copywriting.

Smirnoff – go to the top of the class!

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Prince · January 1, 2011 at 10:40 am

Someone should ask them, if they were selling bad quality of vodka till now…. 😛

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