I was reading the instruction manual for my new car (a delicious red Mazda MX-5, since you ask). I’ve simplified this example, but it is patently written from the manufacturer’s point of view:

“The switch is wired to the thingy. When the switch is in the top position, it does this. When the switch is in the bottom position, it does that. When the switch is flicked to the side, it does the other. When the switch is rotated (see diagram) it does the opposite.”

Dear manual writers, PLEASE turn it around so it’s from the driver’s point of view, e.g.

“If you want cold air, turn the switch to the top. If you want warm air, turn the switch to the bottom.”

Dear illustrators of diagrams, PLEASE realise that when you are sitting in the driver’s seat, you can’t actually see the little drawings on the switches as they are hidden by the steering wheel.


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