I asked for a Marathon bar at the gym last night (I know, I know, what’s the point of a workout if you follow it with chocolate?!).

The girl replied: “Do you mean Snickers?”

She was right.

I knew the name had changed but forgot what it had changed to!

I believe it changed so the packaging could be used across Europe, and the original name was already in use by someone else or had another meaning.

Similarly, Jif changed to Cif because so many countries couldn’t pronounce the J.

And Immac – the hair remover – changed to Veet (sounds like ‘vite’, the French for ‘quick’).

Getting the name right in your marketing is critical. I am currently very annoyed with Virgin Media, because they insist on billing my broadband to ‘Jackie Brown’ even though I’ve told them several times and via several methods of communication that my name is not Brown, it has never been Brown, and is never likely to be Brown!

What gets worse is that they’ve obviously sold their mailing list to MBNA, because I’m now receiving direct mail letters offering a credit card to Mrs Brown at my address.

Who do I have to sleep with for them to get my name right?

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