In a recent blog post I mentioned three ‘rainy’ ads that all came along at once.

And before that I posted about three ‘boxy’ ads that ran in sequence.

Now I’ve seen two ads close together, that both use human hands to make objects, shapes and letters.

The first is from the Learning Skills Council: ‘Our Future. It’s In Our Hands.’

The second is Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion.

I remember reading an interview with Jennifer Connelly, who played Sarah in Jim (Muppet) Henson’s Labyrinth movie with David Bowie. There is a famous scene with the ‘Helping Hands’. They catch her as she falls, forming faces out of palms and fingers, and talk to her. It seems her son refused to watch the film because he hated that scene so much.

I know what he means. The effects are very clever, but also slightly creepy.

Despite that, things often come in threes (there’s even a ‘Rule of 3’ in marketing), so I’m now waiting for another ‘hands’ ad. Handy Andies anyone?

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