I rather like the new TV ads for Loyd Grossman sauces, where various characters mimic his accent and time runs out for him to speak himself. The slogan is ‘Sauces with a distinctive voice’. It fits.

So why do I like it so much? Well, in NLP terms (that’s Neuro Linguistic Programming), everyone has a preferred sense – either visual, auditory or kinaesthetic (feeling). I’m a word person, so it won’t surprise you to discover that I’m mainly auditory. So a slogan that talks about ‘voice’ is talking directly to me. (Note how I write ‘talks about’ where someone else might write ‘reads’ or ‘includes’).

And I like the fact that they have combined the sense of taste (a sauce) with the sense of hearing (voice). The ad won’t appeal so much to the visuals or kinaesthetics among us but hey, you can’t have everything…

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