OK, I admit it. I can’t resist joining in with the Becks ‘Do the Dance’ ad.

It’s not as easy as it looks! But at least the product, the words and the visuals are related to each other, as there are: “Only ever 4 steps.”

I don’t mind that it reminds me of the Guinness ‘Anticipation’ ad. I can still hear the music now: “Der de, d der de, d der de, d der de, ddddd der de, de der de, de der de, d.” A lot of people tried that dance too!

That ad also relates to the product, because the guy dances around the giant pint while he waits for his Guinness to settle. Recently updated for Guinness Extra Cold.

And I remember the fuss about the original version when it first aired in 1995, because the agency was accused of infringing copyright. The claim failed. But, as I wrote yesterday, there are no really new ideas under the sun.

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