As a copywriter, I’m often asked what I think about txt spk. I’ve always said it’s OK as another language, but not a replacement language. It’s not (yet) appropriate in academic writing or business writing. But, language is continually evolving, the word ‘innit’ is in the OED, and – just as we don’t write now how we wrote 100 years ago – we won’t write in 100 years the way we write now.

Ladies and gentlemen, as the logo above shows, the shift has already begun.

I saw it in an ad on the back of a bus, to advise 16- to 24-year-olds about chlamydia. As soon as the 16 to 24s are old enough to influence mainstream media, I suspect we’ll all be writing ‘ur’ for ‘your’ and no-one will have time any more for us old fogeys who know about ‘proper’ spelling and grammar.


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