It is possible to sync your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, so when you post a status update in one platform, it is automatically repeated on the others. It’s a problem because the audiences are different in each place. It’s also a problem when you are connected with the same contacts in more than one place. They get bored. They ‘unfollow’ you.

Think about how you communicate in ‘real life’. You probably hold different conversations in different places. You wouldn’t talk about the same thing when you:

– visit your parents
– go down the pub with your mates
– are chatting in a church group
– have a conversation at work
– meet up with old school-friends

I recommend you tailor your message to suit your audience.

P.S. There is always an exception to every rule. Maybe you’ve just fallen in love and want to shout it from the rooftops. Or launched a new book!

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