I like to think I’m not taken in by ad-speak, although of course I am, just like everyone else.

When I applied to Watford College* to do their Advertising Copywriting course years ago, I had to write about the last product I’d bought as the result of an ad. ‘Oh no,’ I claimed, ‘Not me, I don’t get influenced by advertising!’

But today, I bought a product, just because I’d seen it on TV. You’ve probably seen the ad, the one with the female security guard distracted by a luxury ice-cream stuffed with lumps of milk and white chocolate?

That Magnum Temptation cost me £1.80. £1.80! And I don’t even like chocolate ice-cream! (Chocolate in anything other than its original form is an aberration.)

I won’t be doing that again.

* I was accepted even though they thought I might be too diffident (moi?). I took a periodical journalism course instead.

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