In a previous blog, I told you about the results I’ve been achieving through online marketing. Another example happened recently. I was preparing an event for the Bromley Creative Community, and posted a ‘tweet’ about it on Twitter. The tweet showed up on my Facebook profile  where it was noticed by a friend from my days at Freemans. I hadn’t seen her for 8 years, but she booked to attend the event with two of her new colleagues.

Social media is an inspired route to market!

“What social media allows you to do is let everyone have a go at creating something. Not all will be successful, but the successful ones will create something free, generate an audience and then go off and retail it. They’re proving there’s a new way to do business today that’s very different from the traditional method.”

Matthew Kershaw, head of digital at advertising agency, BBH

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And, just for fun, visit the Sleeveface blog, a social media phenomenon that has inspired prime-time advertising.

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