Not only does the Terrible Talking Till know when I’m using bags from another supermarket (it keeps announcing ‘Unrecognised item in the bagging area’) but it also also knows what products I buy and prints out coupons accordingly. Yesterday, it offered me Marmite-flavoured crisps. It wouldn’t dare do that if I were a Bovril girl.

It’s like the time I was in the USA and got money out of an ATM (they don’t call them ‘holes-in-the-wall over there, and think it’s rather funny that we do!). The screen read, more or less, “Here’s your money, Ms Barrie. We hope you enjoy your time in our fair country. Now don’t go spending it all at once. Tutty-bye!”

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised in this social media age, when everyone has access to information about everybody over the Internet.

But I do find it all somewhat disconcerting.

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