I drove past a sign yesterday, ‘Passion 4 Properties’.

I regularly walk past a bakery window that reads: ‘Passionate about bread and sandwiches’. (I mean, really?)

I just Googled: “We have a passion for” and it offered me:

– swimming
– pets
– making people more productive
– food science
– all things food
– accessible website design
– living, working and enjoying the mountains
– passing EFT on

Who cares???

Lazy copy like this fails the ‘so what’ test.
It fails the ‘what’s in it for me’ test.
It’s not a benefit (or even a feature).
It’s not written from the customer’s point of view.

There’s only one place that passion should be reserved for. The bedroom. (Oh, OK, or the rug in front of the fire, the kitchen table, or the great outdoors…)

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