In a book of short stories by Richard Bach, there is a chapter listing *all* the signs that can be read from one point inside an airport. It starts with a complaint from a staff member that people keep asking their way. “There is a sign, but they don’t read the signs.” That’s because there are so many it’s almost impossible to pick out the one/s that relate to you.

Trouble is, once you learn how to read, you do it so quickly you can’t *stop* yourself doing it.

A series of signs has sprung up along my local main road. Each one has a main message (e.g. ‘Turn Off Your Mobile’, ‘Wear Your Seat-belt’ or ‘The Speed Limit Is 30’), plus a web link and various logos underneath it.

There were already a number of signs in place along that route, including road signs/symbols, property ‘For Sale’ signs and banners about a boot fair in the church hall.

What worries me is that there are now so many signs to read that it distracts drivers from their driving.

I heard of an experiment somewhere, where all this street ‘noise’ was taken away… drivers drove more carefully.

Wish that would happen round my way.

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