I regularly collect a repeat prescription from Boots the Chemist. It’s up the High Street where I walk almost every day on one errand or another. Maybe to pay in a cheque at the bank (unbelievably, some people still pay by cheque!). Maybe to buy a birthday card for one of my many friends and acquaintances (inconsistently, I still like to send ‘paper’ cards).

My doctor asked why I use the big chain chemist instead of the little local pharmacy at the end of my road.

It’s because service in the little pharmacy is rubbish.

Even in Boots, the staff make eye contact, say hello, and apologise if they keep you waiting. In the little chemist, you queue for ages and feel ignored while you wait. While I would love to support the cottage industry over the national corporation, these little things matter.

Small businesses take note. Many things change, but there is really no excuse for inattentive customer service.

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