A business group has taken a full-page ad on the back cover of my local glossy magazine.

Could be a good idea.

They provide office space, and the visual shows 5 images of a seed sprouting to a seedling, with the headline: ‘Want room to grow? Maybe we can help.’

OK so far.

The body copy explains they are: ‘the largest provider of office space in South London. No matter how big your business becomes, we will try to accommodate you.’

That’s fine too (except the word ‘try’ – I might talk about that another time).

But they end with this big, bold, italic message before their logo and contact details: ‘You shouldn’t ever have to move again, that is, unless you go out of business.’

What a negative thought! Surely they should be selling the idea of business success through the convenient and affordable office space they provide, not the idea that they will kick out their tenants if/when the business fails!


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