(see the ‘Load. Take aim. And shoot’ post below)…


…the ‘I am Nikon’ ad series features a sequence of captions e.g. “I am Don Juan”, “I am brave,” “I am alive”, “I am a pocket zoomer”.

It took me back to when I was 10 years’ old and wrote a poem called “I am a camera”*:

I see a squirrel on the roof

I see a fat lady very aloof

I see a shop

I see a pond

I see a girl with a fairy’s wand

I see a boy at a sweet stall

I see some children playing ball

I see some sums being done in a book

All this I see with one long look

And now, I am signing off, and feeling slightly embarrassed.

*Yes, I am that sad person who has kept a poem I wrote when I was 10!

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