Panto season may be over, but I found myself shouting this at the TV when I saw the new Co-op ‘plea’ ad.

Buy Food Within Easy Reach

It’s all around convenience – using your weekend to do what you really want to do, rather than doing the weekly shop. Fair enough.

The ads are appealing scripted (I’ve seen both husband and wife versions). Fair enough.

Although one does include this line: “Only buy what you want, when you want it.” Hmm, yes, I do that anyway, and don’t need advertorial incitement!

The trouble is, my nearest Co-op is miles away, so it’s not convenient at all 🙁

Not only that, but the ad doesn’t tell you why Co-op is better than any other supermarket.

Top tip 1: If you are targeting by location, be specific.

Top tip 2: Don’t promote your generic sector, promote yourself.

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