In one ad break during The Princess Bride last night, I watched 12 ads (plus two by the film sponsor), and can hardly find anything interesting to say about any of them.

1. Dior Midnight Poison: Ah, the cryptic drama of perfume advertising. Perhaps inspired by the Baz Luhrmann and Nicole Kidman Chanel ad that’s more like a (Moulin Rouge-style) film?

2. Andrex: that famous puppy trailing miles of toilet paper behind a car. Would it really flow like that around the mountain roads? Or would it litter the lay-bys and tangle in the trees?

3. CocoPops Creations: With an ‘if you can’t say it, sing it’ jingle.

4. Recycle: With the delightful Eddie Izzard doing the voiceover.

5. Trailer for the film Superbad. Nope, doesn’t look like my sort of movie.

6. Brittania ‘Fair Play’: another take on the building society versus bank debate.

7. Challenge Churchill



9. Love Calculator: what???

10. Pot Noodle


11. Robinsons Smooth Juice

12. Trailer for the programme The Sweetest Thing: Nope, don’t fancy that.


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