I went up to London recently. Travelled on the tube. Couldn’t help noticing that some of the promotional posters that used to line the escalators have been replaced by screens showing moving adverts.

I know why they’ve done it.

It’s because the eye can’t help but be drawn to something that moves. It’s why you can’t stop flicking your gaze towards the TV when it’s on in a room, even if you’re not ‘watching’ it. And why web designers include Flash animations on otherwise static web pages.

But it worries me.

So many of us work at a computer all day, looking at light on a screen. Then we watch TV or go to the cinema for relaxation, looking at a screen. Or we play computer games, go on social networking sites, or check our emails on the move. Looking at a screen.

It can’t be good for the eyes.

Why am I writing this? Why are you reading it?

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