…looking at an advert.

Is the main logo at the top? No, it is not. It’s in the bottom right hand corner, so it’s the last thing you see. (No-one cares who you are until they know what you can do for them.)

So what’s at the top?

A dramatic picture, about half the page, of a big-wheeled red truck driving over some squashed cars.

Then there’s a heading: ‘The Hop Farm, Paddock Wood’ and sub-heading: ‘Experience some of the South East’s best events by train’ (which tells me Who What When Where Why and How).

Some brief body copy follows but I can’t read it from this distance.

And the call to action (phone number and web link) is big at the bottom.

Why is it laid out this way?

Because those of us who read from left to right read print ads with a Z-pattern eyeflow, starting at the top left, crossing to the top right, moving diagonally down to bottom left and leaving the page at bottom right.

So that’s the best way to lay out your ads too.

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