I was sitting under the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus yesterday, playing a character in a treasure hunt (not my usual occupation!).

While I waited for the teams to arrive, I was people-watching and watching the ads.

At first, the McDonald’s ad confused me. I glanced once and there was a boxing glove on a spring. Looked again, and there was a bulldog with its front leg stretched out. Then an umbrella. Next, a game of stone, scissors, paper.

Eventually, I got the point.

There is a spot on the pavement where you can stand to have your photo taken with the ad in the background, so it looks as though you have a giant pigeon or bowler hat on your head, you are blowing out birthday candles, rejoicing in your team’s score or thinking about French fries.

I’m not sure exactly where that spot is – perhaps it should have a golden arches logo painted on it?

I decided it’s a clever attempt at being interactive. However, perhaps it’s trying to be a bit too clever. Anything that needs that much explanation risks alienating people who don’t have as much time to work it out as I did.

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