• to get the likes of Alice Cooper, Ringo Starr, Bruce Willis, Elle MacPherson and Dame Edna Everage starring in your ad

• to match up all those film shoots

• to splice new footage seamlessly in with old footage

• to buy all those primetime ad spots

• to change the logo on all printed stationery, online communications, vehicle livery and signage

…just to change a name from Norwich Union to Aviva.

The new name sounds, to me, like those crazy words used by Vic and Bob in Shooting Stars.

And the line: ‘Sometimes a change of name is not just a change of name. It’s a chance to show the world who you’ve always wanted to be’ just doesn’t ring true.

More about the name change (and a sample ad) on the Guardian website.

Hey ho, they are the largest insurance group in the UK, so I’m sure they can afford it.

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