I like to watch Loose Women during my lunch break – it’s sponsored by Café Switch. Trouble is, I don’t know what that is! And the ad doesn’t make it clear.

It features fingertips with painted nails and added hairpieces, pumping on a pair of plastic pods.

Very strange.

To me, it’s important to write from the point of view of the customer. So I hate it when an ad assumes a level of knowledge which I don’t have!

Unless it’s a deliberate ‘tease’ to make me find out more…

So I Googled their website. Turns out it’s a coffee drink which you make frothy by first pumping the squishy pods with your thumbs then tearing open the lid and folding the pods in half to pour the contents into a drinking vessel before adding water.

Sounds complicated?

Even more reason for the ad to be simpler.

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