in my heart for department stores.

When I was a student, I worked for four years at Allders of Croydon on Saturdays and during holidays. Then, for 18 years, I worked at Freemans catalogue (a department store in a book), ending up as a senior manager in the creative and marketing departments before setting up my own business.

These days, the ‘everything under one roof’ concept seems to be fading, to be replaced by smaller niche retail outlets.

With the UK general election less than a week away, it reminded me that the difference between the main parties used to be this:

– Labour believe in centralising everything (state control)
– Conservatives believe in localising everything (individual responsibility)
– LibDems believe in proportional representation (so a party can’t get into power with, say, 40% of the vote just because that’s more than anyone else, as 60% of the people voted against them)

I’m over-simplifying of course, but then, that’s my speciality!

I call it ‘writing without waffle’ although I do a lot more than that. As a catchphrase, it’s a hard-working lead-in I can use to sell other services.

Are you trying to be all things to all people? Or do you sell to a specific niche? And do you have a simple slogan that encaptures your essence?

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