I had a part-time job when I was 16, serving 450 employees in the Allders of Croydon staff canteen. I had to make tea in an industrial-sized tea-urn, using industrial-sized tea-bags, and the smell of it got up my nose, in my hair and in my clothes. I haven’t been able to drink any kind of tea since. Yuk!

However, I do recognise the important part that tea-drinking plays in British (and worldwide) culture. And I do acknowledge the ‘art’ that’s involved in making the perfect cuppa.

So I admit I really like the Twinings ‘art of tea’ ads.

Nothing will convince me to drink the stuff though. Yuk.

The Art of Tea with Twinings

Read about the ads on Talking Retail.

P.S. What can we learn from this? That some people will never buy your product, no matter what you do!

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